Crissy Fanganello




Denver, CO

(c) ‭303.961.8285



  • City building / planning
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Leadership development
  • Team dynamics

Crissy at Work:

Crissy Fanganello is a transformational change architect, facilitator and visionary. She is a former change agent at the City & County of Denver and has many years of experience working with the general public, elected officials, and community leaders. She is energized when people realize what is truly possible and strives to develop meaningful relationships with people and identify common values, goals and outcomes to propel teams forward.


INDUSTRY PREFERENCES: At Tipton, Crissy’s focus is on clients in government and quasi-governmental agencies.


WORK HISTORY: Crissy has developed her skills in progressively challenging government and private sector positions in marketing and urban planning for the last 20 years. She has managed and facilitated strategic projects and community discussions with neighborhoods, elected officials and community leaders as well as with diverse teams with multiple disciplines and priorities with a focus on developing delivering results.


CONNECTIONS: Crissy is a former board member of the National Association of City Transportation Officials and the Denver Regional Council of Governments. She has strong relationships across Denver and the region as well as nationally.

More About Crissy


PERSONAL: Crissy is passionate about being outdoors…if there’s a sunny spot, she’s likely to be in it, once having gained the nickname “Sunny” from her colleagues. She has a loving husband, two wonderful teenager daughters…one who plays soccer and one who recently started driving—and two mostly well behaved Doodles who provide excellent “excuses” to get outside more often.


VOLUNTEERING:  Crissy is passionate about people and cities—much of her career to date focused on how to make cities better places for human beings and how improvements to cities can improve the lives of individuals and families for generations. Crissy recently volunteered her time to support the future vision of the Denver Housing Authority’s Quigg Newton Homes in Denver to enhance the health and quality of life for their residents and the surrounding neighborhood.


BELIEFS: “I believe in the power and possibility of humanity—if we can focus on our shared values—there’s nothing we cannot accomplish.”