Sarah Camacho




Denver, CO

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  • Interviewing
  • Employee surveys
  • Process improvement
  • Facilitation

Sarah at Work:

Sarah believes that the stories people tell about their present and past shape the future of both individuals and the organizations they serve. She uses interviews, employee surveys, and facilitated discussions to draw out those stories, and analyzes them to identify hidden sources of conflict and hidden strengths and shared values among different individuals, departments, and levels in her clients’ organizations. She helps her clients develop a habit of listening to the stories of others in their organizations to find opportunities for growth. Sarah uses process improvement, facilitation and planning tools to help organizations move toward a common story about their future and better serve their customers together.


WORK HISTORY: Trained as a journalist, historian and archivist, Sarah has been studying the ways stories, cultures, and places change for two decades. For the past five years, Sarah has worked with clients in the transit industry; she has also worked with non-profits and the higher education industry. She has a passion for helping any type of organization where employees share a strong sense of purpose, even if there is disagreement about how to achieve that purpose.


CONNECTIONS: Sarah is a proud Chicagoan (a redundant phrase) who settled in Denver for the sunshine 8 years ago – after living in 9 states and visiting 48. She is a member of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA), the California Transit Association (CTA), and the Colorado Lean Network (CLN).

More About Sarah


PERSONAL: Sarah spends her free time having intense, values-revealing conversations with people on the opposite side of the political spectrum; hiking in the foothills; caring for an ever-increasing assortment of family pets; eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants; and visiting Lakeside Amusement Park as often as possible with her husband and two kids.


VOLUNTEERING: Sarah enjoys helping out with transit industry Roadeo events (yes, that’s spelled correctly) – industry competitions that celebrate the skill of bus and rail operators and mechanics.


HOPE FOR THE FUTURE: That we can all find the strength to approach people who disagree with us with curiosity, fairness, and – when all else fails – a whole lot of grace.


A FAVORITE QUOTE: “Narratives remain our chief moral compass in the world. Because we use them to motivate and explain our actions, the stories we tell change the way we act in the world.” – Bill Cronon