We Build Exceptional Teams that Delivery Extraordinary Outcomes
People support what they create... Oh — wait. People ONLY support what they create. — Margaret Wheatley
Team Assessments

Teams with healthier dynamics perform better. CLICK HERE to find out where your team lines up on our Team Health and Performance Assessment.

Team Chartering

High performing teams are aligned teams. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to drive up your team’s ability to “sing beautifully from the same song book.”

Leadership Coaching

All of us benefit from objective, professional coaches. CLICK HERE to begin the process of giving yourself (and your organization) the benefits of leadership coaching.


We teach the discipline of transformational change. CLICK HERE to learn more about the foundations of change and how to ignite your strategies for success.



Our services are delivered through virtual and in- person facilitation, Agile sprints, coaching, workshops, and “full-immersion” consulting. Engagements are customized to help your organization achieve extraordinary outcomes during times of uncertainty and change.



People don’t resist change. People resist being changed without their involvement. Change is far more successful when done through people rather than to people. Team Tipton takes a “bottom up” approach to change, ensuring those who will live with the outcomes actively participate in creating those outcomes.



As a Certified B Corporation, Team Tipton focuses on assisting organizations that serve humanity and the public good. We contract directly with public organizations and partner with other private sector firms to ensure smooth delivery of large complex projects in federal, state and local governments, utilities, and public education institutions. In each engagement, we apply concrete and relevant industry experience across all organizational departments.

Organizational Change Energy Scale

Organizational Change Energy Scale (no heading), © 2017, R S Tipton, Incorporated

All organizations are in a state of change—whether navigating a senior leadership transition, refining a mission, improving products, launching a large-scale project, on-boarding new employees, or responding to crises—there is always a change process underway. Yet while we are all familiar with the saying “change is the only constant,” very few organizations are equipped with the tools to navigate change smoothly and successfully.


As Margaret Wheatley said decades ago, “People support what they create… Oh, wait, people only support what they create.” We understand that dynamic, and our “organizational transformation energy scale” represents how we approach support for our clients. A sense of authentic inclusion is a foundational element in successful transformation.

Insights, Implications, Actions

We value results over process, and know it’s never about us (or the tools we employ), it’s always about you. We get to the heart of the matter quickly for our clients—our team of culture, strategy, and organizational health professionals help you:

  • Drive out insights related to root causes (why does the situation exist in the first place);
  • Connect-the-dots related to implications (what happens if nothing is done to address the situation); and
  • Discover the best right answer(s) related to next steps (concrete, comprehensive actions designed to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be).

What we don’t do is this—we never assume that off-the-shelf, macro-level approaches to assessing organizational health and performance that are followed by superficial, one-size-fits-all methodologies related to training and change management ever get the job done. We are efficient, focused, and look at each client’s situation uniquely—constantly asking ourselves, “What are the BEST levers to get things moving forward, faster? What organizational and leadership strengths can we make BIGGER?”


We can help you accelerate through change too.