Create Compelling Vision

Symptoms of a Foggy Outlook:

Your organizational vision and strategy isn’t clear or isn’t aligned with people, processes and structure.

Organizations in which employees are primarily motivated by shared values and a commitment to mission and purpose are 9X more likely to have high customer satisfaction.

Source: LRN


A clear purpose and strategy can unify an organization, enabling individuals and teams see how their efforts contribute to a larger success. They find meaning in their work. They engage. They create. They innovate. They perform. They achieve.


Often vision and strategy become foggy because there are so many attractive possibilities – it’s difficult to choose between good paths and the organization gets pulled in different directions. Or, strategy can sometimes get stale, especially in our rapidly-changing world. Even when vision and strategy are focused, we often see that the organization isn’t properly aligned to deliver. Without intentional, ongoing effort, people, process, structure and resources become tangled.


Our approach to vision and strategy. Our premise is that the answer already lies within your organization… Like a sculptor, we merely help you chisel and brush away the unnecessary clutter to reveal your masterpiece within. Our tools and process help your team rediscover your organization’s strengths and coalesce them into a powerful and memorable vision of success. We then bring teams together to identify kinks in the system and realign your processes and efforts.


United States Society on Dams (USSD)


A fully integrated strategy — informing ALL decisions. The United States Society on Dams (USSD) has a significant role throughout the US when it comes to providing accessible, accurate, and timely information to the dam, levee and hydraulic structures community of practice.  After decades of incremental, evolutionary approaches toward its organization and tools, USSD found itself in need of a transformational, fully-integrated strategy.  Not only did the Board of USSD rise to the challenge of creating such a strategy, they’ve also FULLY committed themselves to LIVING the strategy — with each decision, every day.


Learn more about USSD’s remarkable 2014-2018 Strategic Plan: