Transformational Leader Toolkit:

Leadership Coaching

with Bob Tipton

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. (International Coach Federation)

Bob Tipton, Leadership Coach and Team Tipton’s CEO / Principal Change Architect


“Bob’s coaching and guidance will forever have a positive impact on my approach to leadership. After my initial assessment with Bob,  I was appropriately challenged through thought-provoking exercises and problem-solving techniques.


“I found myself looking forward to our sessions the more I learned about myself and the increased confidence I gained as a leader. I feel like Bob took the time to get to know me as an individual, in addition to the complexities within my working environment, as he supported me in my journey.


“The self awareness I learned in my time with Bob is invaluable and I believe it is one of the best investments my institution made for myself and my team. Thank you, Bob, for your guidance and support!”


— C.L., VP of Finance and Administration

“Bob Tipton is the quintessential leadership coach and mentor. Having worked with Bob for several years, he has helped me to understand that leadership skills are finely tuned over time. Each encounter is an opportunity to apply newly learned skills.


“Bob focuses on the individual by utilizing assessments to develop a baseline and then introduces customized problem solving exercises and coaching moments to build confidence.  Whether it comes in the form of team building or leadership coaching,  Bob and Team Tipton top my list of recommendations.”


— J.L., Director Human Resources

Stop ruminating about “what was…”

Accept and adapt to “what is…”

Realize your preferred future of “what will be…”

I have a passion for coaching, and see the value in it — I have one myself! Over the past 20+ years I’ve been fortunate to have worked with hundreds of individuals as a coach; assisting them with significant life and career transformations. While each person’s story is unique, there are some patterns I’ve discovered — especially when a transformational change is on the horizon.


    • Often, some form of suffering is required before a transformation becomes “real.”
    • Transformations happen “in due course,” and can’t be just pushed along.
    • Taking time to dream, to explore options, to connect to your “unique story” is a vital thing to do.
    • Being able to take on a “beginner’s mind” when looking at new options is a huge first step.

What’s included in the coaching package:


    • Review your preferred behavioral / personality assessment(s) (e.g., DiSC, MBTI, etc.)
    • Create your personalized, individual coaching plan — including specific goals and measures
    • Initial meeting to set expectations
    • ~10, 45-minute, 1:1 coaching sessions
    • Final meeting to review progress in meeting the goals of your individual coaching plan
    • Ad hoc questions
    • Unlimited access to Team Tipton’s “Healthy Leader Toolkit” courseware and other modules
    • First look at new video content
    • Connections to other leaders through mastermind groups

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Leadership Coaching is a GREAT Investment in Your Future!