Cohort-Based Coaching Package (with Bob Tipton)


Let’s face it — transformation can be hard. REALLY hard — especially when you feel like you’re going through it alone.  Who do you talk to?  Your boss (most of the time) isn’t helpful, nor are your peers, or your staff. Your family is tired of hearing the stories about work, and your friends don’t understand.


It can be extremely helpful to get an objective, 3rd-party voice to question our assumptions, to point out our limiting biases and beliefs, and to offer powerful clarifying insights when it comes to “what’s next” for us.


I’m ready to do just that for you — each minute you wait for “insight to drop from the sky” is another minute you’re not moving forward in designing your future. Take charge. Reexamine. Focus on what IS possible. Recontextualize. Reimagine. We can help you do just that.


      • Stop ruminating about “what was…”
      • Accept and adapt to “what is…”
      • Realize a preferred future related to “what will be…”


Price: $1,495.00 per person.


Includes: Five cohort-based coaching sessions, and two 1:1 coaching sessions with Bob Tipton (a $2,995 value).


Scheduling / Contact:  We will email you to get you set up in a cohort (includes scheduling).



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