Your Healthy Leader Rating Is: “Struggling”

That Can Be Both Frustrating and Energy-Depleting.

Common Feelings of Those Who

Struggle as Healthy Leaders:


  • Most days feel dominated by things that deplete your energy.


  • You have difficulty making decisions. -or-  You have difficulty making decisions that are value-based.


  • Your days are filled with urgent, “whac-a-mole” activities, but it feels as if you never get things done.


  • You see available time as a scarce commodity, ruminate on events that have already happened, or “suffer in advance” about things yet to come.


  • You hesitate in giving feedback and rarely ask for help.


  • You communicate from your perspective, based on your preferences.


  • You have difficulty putting your finger on why it’s hard to feel like an active, meaningful participant in conversations.


  • You like to feel in control of situations and avoid ambiguity.

What can help:


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Healthier leaders have better performing teams

Healthy companies, we know, dramatically outperform their peers. The proof is strong—the top quartile of publicly traded companies in McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) delivers roughly three times the returns to shareholders as those in the bottom quartile. (McKinsey and Co.)