Catapult School Leadership

Design the Future Process
Catapult Leadership is in the business of transforming schools into dynamic learning communities for the future.

Catapult’s Challenge

Since the organization’s inception in 2008, Catapult has gained significant recognition for its innovative approach to training school leaders to drive a culture of innovation in education. Catapult is launching the “next phase” in its evolution and exploring strategies to leverage its growing alumni base in order to transform more schools in Colorado more quickly.

Our Solution

Team Tipton led a 3-day Design the Future Process retreat for Catapult leaders and key stakeholders – including alumni and faculty of their leadership institute – to help them hone in on the insights, energy and best practice they have developed in order to scale their model. It was also designed to offer attendees transformational change skills and tools for use in their individual school communities.

Outcome / Benefits

Catapult’s Design the Future Process resulted in clarity about Catapult’s purpose and choice to focus on educators as the key driver to create widespread change in education. The process gave Catapult a framework to articulate its strategy and prioritize next steps. Finally, the process solidified an emerging partnership between Team Tipton and Catapult’s Vice President Jane Shirley and her team. Jane is now one of Team Tipton’s strategic partners. Catapult and Team Tipton are now co-creating an integrated Design the Future Process approach for educators and their teams.

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