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Welcome to Team Tipton’s Transformational Leader Toolkit!

Our 2024 Transformational Leader Needs Research Report

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Succeed in Leading and Sustaining Transformational Change in Your Life, with Your Team, and for Your Organization

No Cost, 3-Minute Transformational Leader Diagnostic

Have you ever wondered “how am I doing when it comes to leading transformational change?” No longer is that a rhetorical question. Take about 3 minutes to complete our no-cost Transformational Leader Diagnostic and you’ll get an immediate answer.
What have you got to lose?
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Coaching for Transformational Leaders

Have you contemplated the value of engaging in Transformational Leader coaching? Team Tipton offers two paths: 1) one-on-one, 100%-customized coaching; and 2) cohort-based coaching that uses ranked-choice, choose-your-own adventure in coaching for a cohort of about 6 or 7 individuals. There’s no obligation to take a peek!
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Modern and Practical Learning Content

Our Transformational Leader learning content is organized into 8 competencies (1. self-care, 2. values / principles, 3. prioritization, 4. time / task management, 5. recognition / feedback, 6. communication, 7. curiosity / ongoing learning, and 8. overarching tools. There’s no obligation to take a peek!
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