What’s Right not Who’s Right

A simple shift to regain our humanity and heal our relationships — at home and at work.
For our elected officials - may you find the courage and patience to seek answers rooted in ``what's right`` and not ``who's right.`` We need your compassionate leadership and wise decision-making.

At Team Tipton we have a mission to get a copy of What’s Right not Who’s Right into the hands of every elected official in the US! That’s 435,000 elected officials by the way (we had no idea it was THAT many)! In order to do this, we need your help to start the conversation around making the SHIFT from who’s right to what’s right.


We’ll send a signed copy, anonymously, to any elected official you name — just pay shipping and handling, give us the shipping instructions, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll let you know when the book has shipped. (BTW — we’re only set up to do this for addresses in the US at this point. Other countries? Well, let’s take it one at a time.)

For me, ``What’s Right, not Who's Right`` reinforces the importance of leading in an authentic, curious, courageous, optimistic, and empathetic way. This is the formula for meaningful and transformational change. We must be purposeful in doing what’s right.

Amber McReynolds, executive director for Vote at Home, and former director of elections for the City and County of Denver (Denver Votes).

Unfortunately, we’re losing our collective humanity through our addiction to “being correct” instead of “being connected.” Far too much time is wasted—in business, family life, education, etc.—because we are mired in endless debate, in bickering, politicking, and posturing. We create unproductive and toxic conflict through our need to be right. And… All of that can all change!