United States Society on Dams (USSD)

Comprehensive Strategic Planning / Organizational Development
USSD, as the United States member of the International Commission on Large Dams, is dedicated to: 1) ADVOCATE: Champion the role of dam and levee systems in society, 2) EDUCATE: Be the premier source for technical information about dam and levee systems, 3) COLLABORATE: Build networks and relationships to strengthen the community of practice; and 4) CULTIVATE: Nurture the growth of the community of practice.

USSD’s Challenge

USSD’s historic approaches to advocating, collaborating and educating the dam, levee and hydraulic structure industry were falling farther behind where the industry was heading. In addition, USSD foresaw a significant organizational transition – the shift from a long-time executive director to a new executive director. Many of USSD’s policies, procedures and approaches to business needed to transition – and to be examined, refined, and improved as well.

Our Solution

Team Tipton designed and facilitated a comprehensive process by which USSD created and fully integrated a values-based, high-visionary strategic plan. The plan, designed to cover the 2014-2018, included detailed implementation and resourcing requirements, and initiated a series of specific actions including a complete overhaul of USSD’s website, a new member portal, and a comprehensive approach toward organizational development (board, staff, policies and procedures, operations, etc.). A copy of their plan is available HERE.

Outcome / Benefits

All USSD decisions are now fully informed by their strategic plan – including investments, staffing, and organizational decision-making. Interactions with members are far more timely and relevant, financial statements are transparent and fully up-to-date, and the organization is building an overarching approach to ensuring its long-term viability and continuity. Clearly, there is a “before the plan, and after the plan” feel to USSD’s approach to its work – the 2014-2018 strategic plan is central to everything the organization does at this point.

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