Career CPR, 3-hour virtual workshop, 5/27/2021



If the traditional approaches related to job searches, networking, and informational interviewing have failed you, maybe it’s time for a radically different approach. Over the past 20+ years, 1,000s of individuals have found new synergies, fresh perspectives, and lasting transformation in their careers as a result of in Bob Tipton’s “Career CPR Workshops.”

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Date: Thursday, May 27, 2021.

Virtual Access: Sent 48 hours before the workshop begins.

Price: $249 / 3-hour virtual workshop


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Far too many individuals find themselves in “less-than-optimal” career situations. How about you? Where do you find yourself? Are you ready to “break the chain” and do something new?

Less-than-optimal career situations are these:


  • Under-employed: A job or role where your skills, training, and / or background isn’t being leveraged, or a situation where you’ve quit being challenged to grow in your career.


  • Unhappily-employed: Your job is just that – a job, work is a four-letter word, and you find little joy (or worse yet, it feels “soul-crushing”) to go to work each day.


  • Chronically-unemployed: You’ve been out of work for a while (i.e., weeks, months), and can’t seem to get any traction with potential employers. You’re feeling rejected and aren’t sure what to do next.




  • A set of immediately-beneficial tools and processes designed to break-through your historical barriers and confirmation biases – to help you explore new possibilities for your career.


  • A workbook with practical checklists and “to-do” lists to take conceptual ideas and transform them into actionable results.


  • A copy of Bob Tipton’s transformational book, JUMP! – Get Unstuck (used by 1,000s as a resource for life and career transformations)


What Are People Saying About Career CPR Workshops?


  • “This is just what I needed and when I needed it.”


  • “I learned to expand my boundaries and past, preconceived notions for what I can do / should do / would do. Instead, I am looking at what’s possible. Regardless of what I accept in meeting survival needs, I am searching and planning for and working toward what is now OPTIMAL – that’s a big attitude change.”


  • “Outstanding — I’ve struggled with many of these concepts for years. Inspirational – transformational – it works!! It’s liberating!!”



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