1-day VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Ignite Strategy!



“Often organizations pursue the wrong changes—especially in complex and fast-moving environments, where decisions about what to transform in order to remain competitive can be hasty or misguided. Before worrying about how to change, executive teams need to figure out what to change—in particular, what to change first.” – Harvard Business Review


Business strategy is both critical and often elusive. In our quest to develop thriving organizations that serve our stakeholders, we often find ourselves asking how we:


    • Develop the most advantageous, current, and effective strategy
    • Ensure our strategy is authentically embedded and leveraged
    • Help our employees to personalize and live our strategy


This workshop will provide a framework and process for developing intentional, aligned, and people-centered strategy that your employees will own. Team Tipton’s change experts will lead participants through specific processes and provide tools that can be used to shape, design, operationalize, and ignite strategy in your own organizations.


Date: TBD

Virtual Access: Sent 48 hours prior to workshop

Price: $395 / person / 1-day workshop


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Module #1: Leverage Strategy

Learn to Leverage the Role and Power of Intentional, People-Centered Strategy


    • Understand how strategy is typically used and the gaps that exist between current use and what is possible
    • Identify benefits to designing strategy through an “intentional, people-centered” lens
    • Learn how awareness of and attention to “change” can make or break your strategic efforts



Module #2: Create the Environment

Create an Environment for Strategic Thinking and Action


    • Move beyond “ground rules” and define “agreements together” to unlock employee participation
    • Understand stakeholder expectations, decision making styles, and context and how this influences strategy (Decision Making Styles, Shield Exercise)
    • Learn to utilize observation and compassionate communication to move strategy forward when there are disparate views and conflict (Non-Violent Communication Practice Activity)



Module #3: Align Purpose

Design an Aligned Strategic Vision for the Future


    • Understand the role of “cultural anchors” in strategy design and set your cultural anchor (Cultural Anchor Exercise)
    • Create a powerful, compelling vision for your organization’s future (Worst, Best, Most Preferred; “We Choose to Go to the Moon”)
    • Identify gaps between your organization’s current state and your desired future state



Module #4: Define Preferences

Assess and Critically Evaluate Potential Solutions


    • Learn how to garner stakeholder feedback and input for the path forward
    • Determine critical success factors and strategic priorities necessary for implementing and executing your strategy (Affinity Diagramming and/or ABC Basket Exercise)
    • Assess and critically-evaluate potential solutions to realize your strategy (Force Field Analysis, Rationalization Exercise)



Module #5: Operationalize

Make Your Strategy Real


    • Learn how to attach organizational resources to your strategic priorities and solutions so that your strategy has the energy and opportunity to be successful
    • Understand how to create an implementation plan that works
    • Identify how to navigate typical challenges and pitfalls in strategy implementation



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